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Kanjani8: Shibutani Subaru, Maruyama Ryuhei, Yokoyama You, Murakami Shingo

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Hello everyone,

The reason this LJ exists is Johnnys Entertainment idols and a bit of KPOP.

Getting old with KANJANI8, my special babies, owners of my heart. Eighter since 2007.
No matter how many fandoms come along, in the end they're always THE ones.
Ichiban: Maruyama Ryuhei, followed closely by Shibutani Subaru, Murakami Shingo and Yokoyama You (Sanbaka is <3), but I generally love everyone in this group of idiots.

I'm also a fan of:
ARASHI, my very first fandom. Jun-bait, HYD lover, I don't even know who my ichiban is anymore.
TOKIO. Awesome guys, the best music and the best lives. Favorite members: Mabo and Leader.
V6, specially 20th Century, the older trio. Favorite is Sakamoto.
Johnny's WEST,
my babies, my sons <3
NEWS. 4nin.

I also like Tackey, SMAP and Kinki!


TOKIO lovebar by the awesome kazuh

V6 lovebar by aigoo_sushi

My Korean love: SNSD / Girls' Generation / Shoujo Jidai

Lee Soonkyu biased, Tae2Ny shipper and OT8+1 supporter.
My "against all odds" love.


Kim HeeChul biased.

SiHanChul enthusiast (even in 2016)

The TRAX. DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki. Kim JaeJoong. F(x). Red Velvet.
SM Entertainment in general.

And I'm not much of a blogger so I don't post much. I just like to meet nice people. Im not picky about friending, just introduce yourself a little.
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Kanjani8 30 Days Challenge 2017 version

So, this challenge is quite old, but I decided to do it again mostly for my own reference, to compare the evolution of my own opinions through the years. I've got to say, I'm fairly consistent in most of them xD

So, the challenge goes like this:

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I'll put the first ten questions here because no way I'll have the patience and persistence to post one per day.

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Rangers WHY by shoolyna

Singing Eito

So I loved Eito's parts in Kouhaku like OMG my feelings *_*
It was happy, cheerful and they looked so so happy to be there, you could see they were proud and at the same time humble and just bright. And the outfit was way too much love and reminds me of Zukkoke Otokomichi times.


One thing has been bothering me for quite some time now, as I've noticed it since T.W.L times: Eito needs to to work on their live singing. They just dont sound good in tv perfs, and I wonder why is that, since they sound so much better at concerts. It gives a vibe not as if they can't, but as if they're not putting any effort on it. They just go there and sing loudly, as if not being serious. Ryo specially, his singing is getting crappier by the day. And it bothers me because anyone who's seen them singing live on dvds, SCP and even Shiwake specials knows they can be much better than that. I wish they'd take live tv perfs a bit more seriously..

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Yoko and Hina on Sept. 9th Recomen:

Yoko: “Maru and Yasu are essential to Eito (musically). They’re our unsung heroes!” 
He says Maru and Yasu can harmonize with anything. ”Maru is SO good at singing. It’s moving when you go karaoke with him”.

Hina: “The quality is insane. They give us a demo like ‘The song sounds like this~’ and we listen to it in the studio, right? Then I ask ‘Can we hear that demo one more time?’ And the staff goes ‘That was Maru~’. “

    Credits: chipsandchai @twitter    

Excuse-me, having a fangirl attack right now 
I get seriously hyper and moved whenever someone talks about Maru like this, and he must be SO HAPPY to hear YokoHina say something like this <3333

Fangirling aside, Maru and Yasu really are essential. Their voices may not be the best, but they sure can sing and make ANY Kanjani8 song sound great just with their harmonizing. They can even harmonize the rap, come on, who does that!! Just listen to Ukiyo… GOSH! Ryo is also good, but MaruYasu are always making it sound beautiful from behind.

Rangers WHY by shoolyna

Boyfriend - Love Style

So... this is everything I DON'T LIKE: lots of sugar, pink and young boys in the same video...

BUT... I'm in love with this song!
Damn it's so catchy! I'm totally addicted right now.

Even with the oldest member being 24yo, they're all like kids to me. But the cuteness is getting to me (and I dont even like cute things, WTF is happening to me LOL). And there're 2 identical twins in the group xD

Nakai WHAT by gabenut

Popularity is just a thing of the moment

Which male artists do you want to marry !?

Popularity is such a cyclic thing… 

Maru’s in this list while Ryo is not. Where in the world has Maru ever been more popular than him? And Ryo’s even in a drama where he’s married..

A good amount of exposure can boost anyone’s popularity. Maru never got half the love he deserved, and suddenly everyone wants to marry him. Have people finally discovered he’s the best husband material out of all Kanjani8? 

And almost all Arashi on the list.. Tell me about predictable.. Again, popularity cycling.. When I met Arashi back in 2006, Jun was the most popular by far, and Sho was the least! And now what… Sho’s up high and the one on the bottom is Nino.. Aiba grew so popular.. And after Maou, Ohno never got out of the popular guys list. So Nino fans don’t be upset. Popularity changes so fast…

This is why one should never rely on popularity. It’s just a thing of the moment. The important thing is to keep a set of loyal fans through time, even if the amount is little.